Patapaa shares photos and Video from his vacation in France

The most popular musician in Ghana now, Patapaa Amisty is on vacation in France en route to the United Kingdom.

Patapaa’s name has been on the lips of Ghanaians ever since he was snubbed at the recently held 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Many people believed his “One Corner” song which went international deserved the most popular song of the year award but it was given to Fancy Gadam’s “Total Cheat”.

Well, after all the brouhaha, Patapaa is on vacation in France and he has a message for his fans. In social media post accompanied with one of the photos, Patapaa wrote to Ghanaians:

“People have enough people pushing them down, pointing out their faults. Why don’t you be the one to push them up, to see the best in them by speaking faith into them, not telling them what they are, but by telling them what they can become. Stay positive and always let Love LEAD.”

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