I will choose to die over tramadol – Nora Frimpong Manso

Ghana’s popular and controversial actress ‘Nora Frimpong Manso’ has surfaced in the news over the last couple of weeks for the controversial statements she made.

Not quite long ago, she labelled most Shatta Wale Fans as “Aboboya” Riders, which has received catchy arguable statements from social media user’s.

‘Nebu Francis’ the director of Nora Frimpong Manso has confessesd to Ghevent in an exclusive interview that, a lot of Ghanaian youths are dying because of the massive abuse of tramadol making their future endless. Nora’s explanations was all narrrated in tears, because, most of the youth’s lives are in danger due to the abuse of tramadol.

In Nora frimpong’s explanations she said, ” Just two weeks ago, a brilliant and a beautiful lady died in their area and it was very shocking when she heard that, the abuse of tramadol was the cause of the death of the lady. This caused her to be in so much shock. Nora has done some researches with some few doctors, and this was the result she brought out, “tramadol is a drug used by doctors when it comes to serious surgeries. The drug is normally applied on the victim before they operate him or her”. But most of the youth lack the knowledge of tramadol, making some of them use the drug like their daily food.

Nora throws the challenge to Ghanaian youth to seek the knowledge of tramadol medicine, and not to abuse the use of the drugs,she said.

Nora sends a message to the Ghanaian youth by saying , “why should we allow tramadol to end our life’s whiles natural death hasn’t visited us yet. A lot of big personalities are dying because of this tramadol” Nora said.
Nora boldly told Ghevent news that, she will surely choose to die rather than let tramadol end her life without any benefit from it.

Nora also said that she has joines the initiative on their fight against Tramadol abuse in the country, Nora frimpong also called the public to also join Ghevent initiative and also support the team for us all to save our future generations

Source; www.Ghevent.com

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