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Kingdom Lady Diplomats sets to Crown it’s Queen on the 14th of July 2018

Kingdom Lady Diplomats is a non-denominational Christian Ladies Movement with the agenda of restoring the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

They are Ladies who have discovered Their true identity and Purpose of existence and are Pursuing it whiles helping other Ladies to discover and do same through Mentorship, and which will in the Process teach Men to know, understand and treat women accordingly, They Exist to work as a Team to ensure God’s will for Women is done on Earth.

Meaning of the Name
KINGDOM: we understand we belong to the Kingdom of God and which gives us our sense of identity
LADY: we are young women with refined, respectful, gentle and graceful manners
DIPLOMAT: we are highly-ranking officials representing our country/Kingdom here on Earth. This gives us a sense of purpose.

The objective of the pageant and every other thing we do is to project Heaven’s Culture

Create a Heaven for nurturing and developing women with a strong sense of love, identity and purpose.

Train, Equip, Encourage and and Empower Women to live a fulfilled Kingdom Lifestyle.

Purpose & Identity,
Love & Excellence,
Diplomacy & Loyalty,
Truth & Integrity.

Christians must begin to represent the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory of the King of kings. It’s a whole package: (beauty, wisdom, character, commitment, love, purpose, loyalty, faith, confidence, power, wealth, divine health) This is what the world is waiting for not lukewarmness!
Loving God and seeking His interest first in all things makes one beautiful, peaceful and graceful!
Come experience the pageant that shows you how to balance intelligence with character.

It’s happening live at the Central Cafeteria, University of Ghana.
Time: From 4pm
Date: 14th July, 2018

Ivana Abakah
I am a promising final year student of the University of Ghana pursuing a combined major in Political Science and French. I am 22 years old and a member of Calvary Baptist Church,Awoshie.I am a resourceful and goal oriented lady with an insatiable desire for Godly wisdom and an unquenchable passion for excellence,integrity,system dominating leadership as well as effective and sustainable community and youth development. In the not too distant future, I aspire to be a world class legal practitioner,entrepreneur and diplomat working actively with the UN to effect sustainable youth development and life enhancing projects globally.
I am an incurable optimist and a natural hair and healthy lifestyle enthusiast because I believe that as God’s vessel, I will be most effective in God’s Kingdom when I also play my part in ensuring that I stay spiritually and physically healthy.
At the end of all things, I want to be remembered as a woman who truly reflected God’s Glory, who nurtured many other purposeful system dominating leaders; a lady who helped many people dance through life’s storms and be the best version of themselves, ALWAYS.

I am pursuing my First Degree in Sociology at the University of Ghana and in my final year . I have held several positions inter alia Deputy Minister of Gender and Children Protection in Youth Leadership Parliament, former member of University of Ghana Parliament.

I am currently the Vice President of Sociology Students Association, Deputy PR for Rotaract Ghana National, a Chorister at Church and PRO for Dreams Achievers Ghana. I fellowship at Evangelical Presbyterian Church at Dansoman and on Campus.

My main strength are adaptability, dependability and the determination to complete a task successfully. I am able to work well both on my own initiative and as part of a team.

I try to learn something new from every experience because I believe there is always room for self-improvement both personally and professionally.

I have developed an excellent eye for details due to several assignments and research I have undertaken over the last few years.

I am an entrepreneur and a proud farmer specifically.

Thank you.
Seraphine Aku Batse

My name is Sarah Yeboah a level 400 student in University of Ghana studying bachelor of arts in French and Spanish. I fellowship with victory Bible Church International Students and Associates (VISA)on campus. I like singing reading and swimming and I love adventure and tourism as well. I have a strong passion for languages and I hope to achieve high proficiency in the ones I study. I aspire to become very influential In international politics and use my influence to advocate for development in Africa, especially Ghana. I look up to godly women in my church like Rev. Mrs. Dora Tackie Yarboi, Lady Elder Brown and Rev. Mrs. Nortey because they are good examples of who a Christian woman should be. It is my desire that successful career women will also become fruitful in their walk with God and successful in their family lives.

Name: Valerie Lankai Lawson
Age: 21
School: University of Ghana
Course: Political science and French
Level: 300
Denomination: Catholic
Church(es): St. Margaret Mary parish and St. Thomas Aquinas parish
Hobbies: Dancing, listening to music, listening to news, reading inspirational articles, taking pictures
Talent: Beads making
Personal traits: Collaborative, organized, serviceable
Future aspirations: To work in an international organization and with an NGO with a vision of creating a clean society.

My name is Maame Ekua Ampem, I was born on 5th June 1996. I am the last of three children and the only girl. I have a choleric temperament. I am self motivated, I easily adapt to new situations and I am a fast learner as well. I can work under little to no supervision, work very well in a team as well as on my own. I am a very good listener and able to communicate well with people at all levels. I am very attentive to results also.
I have a very good sense of humour and I love babysitting as well.

I am an independent and self motivated lady with excellent communication skills. I take delight in learning new skills and I do swiftly adapt to changes to meet required standards. I love to spearhead in resolving problems and so for that reason, I do communicate effectively with people, listen closely and offer intuitive contributions when and as needed. I am equally skilled in engaging team members and audiences, establishing rapports and developing strong relationships.Im a staunch believer of God and in his Son Jesus Christ. Based on this believe I have in Him, I have grown and loved to offer relentless service in the house of God any of which kind that avails itself.

I am Pamela Mortu. I come from the Volta region and I’m the last of three children. I grew in a Christian home and this made me love the things of God since childhood. I attend Global Evangelical Students and Associate Ministry on campus and I sing. I love music; foreign gospel to be precise.
“You are great and there are lots of people out there looking up to you to become great. If you mess up your life you mess up their lives also.” These are words that keep me moving and focused for this reason, I do not have to fail my generation.

I’m a young entrepreneur and I aspire to be a clinical psychologist and a fashion designer in future. I’m a final year psychology student.

My name is Precious Sarpong, I am a motivated final year undergraduate student of University of Ghana offering BA Sociology. I am a very enthusiastic individual with a strong work ethic and able to monitor progress because I believe if you want to know how far you have been able to achieve, you must periodically check whether you are on track so that you don’t sway from your objectives and loose focus. I have the ability to excel in a fast-paced working environment and I am very attentive to details, I always make sure I deliver on time and follow protocol. Also, I love to help people especially the young adult who are mostly outcast in the society and have been tagged “delinquent “. I believe in the abilities and capacities of people since everybody need an opportunity to show themselves approved and this can be achieved when the person is given the right foundation, hence in the very near future, I would like to set up an organization that trains delinquents to live a Christlike life and receive quality education to discover their potentials which I believe can help them to function effectively in their community and in the society at large. I like to imagine solutions to problems and because of this, I try to look for ways and means of tackling a problem appropriately. Above all these, I am a lover of God and I always yearn for a constant fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

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