VIDEO: Sly Queen ‘Choked’ Shatta Wale On Stage With Her Heavy Backside

Shatta Wale yesterday successfully hosted his own show in the UK dubbed the “Reign Album concert” UK edition at the Indigo 02 arena and it was indeed a lit as Shatta Wale together with his Militants made up of Addi Self, Joint 77 and Captan set the stage on fire with their electrifying performance.

Shatta Wale was full of energy on the night until he tried to have a dance with one of his SM divas.

Shatta Wale while performing “Chop Kiss” invited a slim lady so he could dance with her.

After dancing with the slim lady, Shatta Wale decided to call on stage a “fat” lady so he could balance the equation.

After some few seconds on stage with the fat lady, Shatta Wale tried to lift her which almost ended his breaking his waist. Even though he lifted her for some few seconds the look on his face showed that he was dying due to her weight.

After dancing for a few minutes Shatta Wale and the lady fell on the ground where the lady gave him the treat of his life.

Shatta Wale fearing for his life (lol) stood up from the floor and run away.

Watch video below ;


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