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People use pageantry to refer to the colourful and formal things that are done for special official or royal occasions, for example the wearing of special clothes and the playing of special music.

A pageant is an elaborate show or parade that usually depicts a historical or religious event, although these days more people know them as Miss type beauty contests.
Pageants aren’t just for beauty queens — any richly decorated spectacle or ceremony could be considered a pageant. Around Christmas time, many Christian churches put on pageants that reenact the birth of Jesus.

Kingdom Lifestyle Pageant’s main Agenda is to groom ladies to help them discover their true identity and the original reason why they exist(i.e. purpose) here on earth: two main ingredients required to enjoy a fulfilled life. They are engaged in a holistic grooming that would add value to their lives and distinguish them from their peers.

Read Mark 16:15.
Our Lord instructs that we
‘Go into the world’ which means ‘go into the systems’.
The Arts and Entertainment industry is a system; and in this is the pageantry system. We are thus penetrating it to influence it with heaven’s culture.

Preview Our Season One(1) on Our Social handles Facebook: Kingdom Lifestyle Pageant
Instagram: kingdomlifestylepageant.

Season two will be greater, better & tera

Registration is from now to 28th April.

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