My breasts are my selling point, I cannot hide them – Nollywood Actress

Controversial Nigerian actress, Josephine Nwaghanata, has sent out a message to her critics on social media who have been asking her to cover-up her b**bs.

According to her, she’s not perturbed about their calls and has urged her admirers to embrace themselves for more unintended b**b exposure because she cannot cover up her assets, which she says are her biggest selling point.

Speaking in a recent interview with pearlsnews.com, the “Jenifa Dairies” famed actress opened up on how she ventured into acting:

”It started when I was little, I would watch some movies and just get angry at how an actor interpreted his/her role and then I would say to myself when I get older I would do better.

Then i joined the drama department of my church. For two years, I was made to watch, learn and observe before I finally started acting. It felt like a dream come through and since then I’ve been acting both on stage and on screen”.

On why she always flaunts her b**bs on the Internet, the curvacious Nollywood star said her br*ast keep popping out of her dress even when she tries to hide them and so gives them the liberty to come out and play.

“My b**bs get me the most attention, even when I try to cover it up,” she says. “Some people tell me that they also like my eyes and legs. They say my eyes are captivating but I love my boobs more.

But I don’t intentionally flaunt them all the time. It depends on the occasion. If I am at the beach, of course I will wear beach attire. My b**bs cannot be hidden, even if I try to hide them, they keep popping out of my dress,”

Josephine Nwaghanata is a graduate of Theatre Arts from Lagos State University and has starred in TV series like Tinsel, ‘Jenifa Dairies ’ and also movies like ‘Strangers in love’, ‘Entreat’, ‘Busted’ amongst others.

Source : BrownGh.Com


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