[VIDEO] ‘Sex Can’t Keep A Man’- Princess Shyngle Advices Women

For a moment we thought we have awoken from the wrong side of bed when we heard Princess Shyngle dishing out these profound advises to women on Instagram.

The curvaceous Gambian actress based in Ghana said sex can never keep a man because a man can only be kept if he wants to be.

Princess also added that cooking for a man, washing for him, impressing his friends and families, among others, can never keep him.

She opined that a lady can only keep a man who wants to be kept and that one’s pretty face or the beautiful body can’t make him stay in a relationship.

In any case, Princess should be the last person talking about this particular subject because that’s exactly the fulcrum around which her persona revolves.

It’s even evidently clear that she injected a bit of sarcasm into her so-called advise which didn’t sit well with most of her followers.

She captioned her video :

” This video is for my ladies only, no men invited to view or comment, well unless you’re gay.”




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