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Speak up against Corruption; Williams Osei, Wills Anti-corruption Foundation – WAF Africa

The greatest problem of Africa is not that there is traffic on our roads, hence our greatest need is not the building of overheads. The greatest problem of Africa has got to do with the African mind. ©Williams Osei. We need a change of mindset. In Africa, those who are …

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WAF Africa’s INTEGRITY QUOTE – © Williams Osei, Wills Anti-corruption Foundation

Africa is losing the fight against corruption on the winning path. This is because our corrupt minds have been masked by a pretence that we are committed to our continent. Even those we appoint to help in the fight against corruption (Special Prosecutor, Attorney General etc.), we do not expect …

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Corruption Among University Students – WAF Africa

On Sunday, 1st July, 2018 – REPUBLIC DAY OF GHANA. We were honoured to present a research paper on behalf of Wills Anti-corruption Foundation -WAF Africa at the Republic Concert 2018 in Accra -Ghana. Topic : Perceived Corruption among University students : A study at the university of Cape Coast, …

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