19 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Hammer Of The Last 2

Hammer Of The Last 2, one of the best producers Ghana has ever seen, had a revealing interview with Lexis Bill on drive time on Joy Fm on Monday.

The almost 2 hour-long conversation spanned a wide range of topics, from his origin story to his journey to greatness.

Here are the 16 Most Amazing things we learnt from the interview…

1. Hammer really loves the new sound coming from Ghana. He loves the new crop of producers and sound engineers and thinks they’re amazing. His top 5 sound engineers in Ghana Currently are Kayso, Kemenya, Jayso, Willis Beatz and Skinny.

2. He is very emotional about his music. Sometimes he even cries in the process of making beats.

3.  He doesn’t credit himself with “making” any artist. He is very modest about his contribution to the careers of Obrafour, Sarkodie, Edem etc… and believes their talent was instrumental in their success.

4.  His most painful experience in life is how things ended between himself and the mother of his children, the late GTV presenter, Irene Asante. He deeply regrets not being on good terms with her before her tragic passing.

5. Contrary to popular belief, he is still involved in music production. He is currently involved in producing a joint album between Sarkodie and Obrafour. He is also working on a new TeePhlow and Edem song.

6. He recorded music for a lot of artists without getting paid. Back in the day, he was the go-to guy for upcoming artists who didn’t have money to record.

7. He is a full-time partner at A1 Bread Manufacturing Company. According to him, the company sells not less than 40.000 loafs of bread every day.

8. The music business was fruitful to him. He bought his first house through Edem’s music and considers the VRMG boss his payday. He bought his first car through Tinny’s music.

9. He’s very cordial with the artists he managed. He considers them friends first before business.

10. He grew up in a privileged household. His mum and dad did very well for them. They regularly took them on vacations to the US and UK whilst growing up. He comes from a family of academics. His dad and brothers all studied international finance.

11. Aside bread, he is also into cars. He partners with Endela, a company which fortifies cars for the bad roads of Africa.

12. He went to Presec – Legon.

13. He is 41 years old now.

14. He doesn’t know if he can describe himself as being successful or not but he is grateful that his kids don’t go hungry.

15. He encourages the youth to pursue their own projects after school and not wait to be employed. He encourages self believe and risk taking.

16. He is very proud of the artists he has managed and describes the immense joy he feels when he sees them succeed.

17. He held a MUSIGA position, Head of HipLife Music for two years, but due to lack of recognition and support from the association, he resigned.

18. His biggest lesson in life is humility. He believes we should respect everyone because no one knows tomorrow.

19. His real name is Edward Nana Poku Osei.

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