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Anas to die by 30th November this year-Pastor reveals

Anas to die by 30th November this year-Pastor reveals

Good news for the corrupt as a well-known pastor who would not have his name revealed yet has declared that Anas Aremeyaw Anas may no more be on earth after 2018.

He is sure to die in November, precisely November 30th, predicts this popular prophet who is quite known for his incisive and precise predictions.

Speaking to this reporter on grounds of anonymity on account of recent public outcry since the death of Ebony, the prophet explained that the death of Anas’ mom was the curtain raiser for his exit too due to an uncanny spiritual link between him and his mother, who knew the secret source of his son’s powers.

Expatiating further, the prophet said Anas and his mom had signed a blood covenant with the devil, which was to wane if she died. It had been assumed then that his mom would live long into even her nineties if Anas never flouted the rules. Apparently, however, Anas flouted some of the spiritual rules, and this led to his mother’s early death as an act of revenge from the gods who had empowered him.

The prophet said when Anas realised that he had made an error that would cause his mother her life, he had tried to appease the powers that be with a sacrifice of 12 cows at their shrine in Mali but was told it was too late, so he had known that his mom would die long before she did but could do nothing about it. This was another reason he was not able to behold his own mother’s corpse. It is said his mom’s spirit was so angry it would have struck him if he had dared near her corpse.

The prophet who said he could state it on authority that Anas belonged to the Illuminati said he had additionally been entangled in an intricate loom of many spiritual commitments which were now throttling him as he could not satisfy all the demands of the many spirits he served.

This, he said, was why Anas would not live long unless the family came to see him (the prophet) to pray for them. He said he was at the funeral grounds of his mother and had already made contact with his family.

The family, knowing the truth that his mother’s death at the rather immature age of 61 was a direct result of Anas’ known involvement with the Illuminati which they had always warned him about, had agreed that whatever must be done to save Anas’ life must be. Watching him die after his mom would be like throwing the only egg after the hawk that had carried the chicken away.

In principle therefore the family has agreed to bring the following items to see the prophet: three cola nuts, sand in which Anas’ feet had been imprinted, two white calico cloth materials, 32 snails, four mice, three black cats, four white cats, the good old red under-pant of women of old, a lock of Anas’ hair and sample of his urine.

The pastor would not disclose the cash involved but family insiders revealed that he had mentioned the need for GH¢60,000 to appease the angry gods.

While the family is seriously seeking these items to prevent further deaths in the family, however, Anas does not seem willing to cooperate. This was the complaint of his distraught sister, Deladem.

“He does not seem ruffled enough to provide the needed urine and lock of hair, as suggested by the revered pastor” she complained bitterly. “He only says nothing could bring our mother back and he was not dying today nor tomorrow so we should stop worrying ourselves.”

This is the naïve manner in which Anas is said to be shooting his own foot in the bid to save his life.

Meanwhile, according to the prophet, the earlier the items were brought, the better, otherwise nothing would save the life of the ace investigator.

A close aide of Anas has however said that Anas is a spirit and would never die. He would only disappear. Nobody would ever see his body. And he would certainly not die now.



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