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Expect 2 Or 3 Albums From Ebony’s New Record Label – Starboy Kwarteng

Father and manager of the Late Ebony Reigns, Mr Opoku Kwarteng has disclosed that Ghanaians should expect two or three albums from his daughter’s new record label.

According to him, Ebony recorded a lot of songs before her untimely death and he is working on it to be released.

He also disclosed that the name of the new record is Kwartengbony Record Label where he is the Executive Producer.

“Please expect a lot of songs from Ebony Reigns because she recorded a lot of songs before she passed away. Expect 2 or 3 albums from the record label too. I am also yet to receive Ebony’s songs from Bullet so it will be a lot”, he disclosed.

He also disclosed that he has been out of the country for some time now so he hasn’t received any songs from Bullet yet.


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