Wala Why – Ra Vrs Rait (Full Album)

Wala Why is a pioneer who has proven his originality with a fusion of his catchy conscious quotables, inspired by ancient Egypt and Astrology, and of a story of pain, transformation and growth on Trap,
Afrotrap, Afrobeat, R&B and Hip Hop instrumentals. With his roots and collaborations with various talented West Coast producers like Bricks, Kid Hazel and YN44, his newest album Ra vrs Rait results
in a wicked production. A rich portrait of the duality of life and its need for balance, the album showcases his reality and strong introspection. The album consists of a variety of slow, fast, light and intense tunes complementing his indisputable thought provoking lyrics that captures a broad audience.

Songs on the album like Lucifer (Bringer of Light) and I’m A God will leave you swinging between thoughts as it epitomizes the essence of the album.  88 2 (2 44) features one of UK’s finest underground talents, Mad Rax, who spits a verse with an appealing sound and brings a north London
vibe to Wala Why’s catchy hook. After the release of his last album Aliens from the Sun, we thought Wala Why would stay in exile. He came back from isolation wearing an absolutely terrifying mask this
season shifting focus on what can be seen and felt in his music and videos.

About Wala Why

Wala Why is a Ghanaian born music artist and producer, living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has brought a new feeling to the music industry by integrating elements of Afrotrap, Afrobeat, RnB, HipHop and Rap into one genre he calls Sun Music. Wala Why is prominent and sought-after for making new, exciting and unique sounds for the conscious listeners. He continues to be a beacon of inspiration to others as a pillar of motivation and one who strives for unity. As an artist and producer, he delivers
music that moves your body, and as a humanitarian, he strives to move the hearts of people all around
the world.





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