Parents Temperament, the Cause of some disabilities

This world comes with amazing surprises day in and out. With that beautiful and ugly nature we’re expressing every day as humans, anger from most parents have contributed to most of these disabilities in some younger generations.

Most children were not born with disabilities but the punishment, heartlessness and the carelessness of some parents and individuals have caused most disabilities in the young ones.

Parents should understand that children do not have much sense like adults so they have the sole responsibility to take care of them without abusing them physically.
My heart always bleeds when I hear stories of children who were made disabled by their angry parents, siblings, friends, teachers and so on.
Let’s all make it a point to control our hot tempers in provocative times, in order not to cause more disabilities in our children and the next generation to come.

Written by The founder and owner of GhEvent Media Mr. Emmanuel Baidoo(Xbills walkergh)



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