Young Girls advised on the consequences of teenage pregnancy

In our day to day lives, it sounds very good as a young child, living with your parents to yield to advise. They keep on advising us to be on the right path to secure our future, but most of the Young generation of today keep on disobeying them. This disobedience grows and keeps a lot of young females pregnant without a father to cater for them, and at this point in life most of them find it difficult to feed themselves and their children.

The real fact of life is that, to be a full responsible man or woman who is matured and prepared to face life, though things will be very difficult. A lot of young youths are poor and they keep on becoming poor, if they don’t change from that early parenthood. There is time for everything in life and Ghanaian youths and the world at large need to keep this short piece of advice to avoid teenage pregnancy that’s if they want to live a better life in future. They should abstain from early sex to prevent them from poverty in the early stage. And one thing they should also take note is, they should appreciate where they come from and never compare themselves with others. There is a saying that goes like “money is the root of all evil” God has a great plans for each and everyone on earth, so let’s be very careful about our lives in order to live long, because we are the future of Ghana and the whole world as well.
Let’s all say no to teenage pregnancy.

Story By Xbills walkergh(0246910005)



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