Meet the first Ghanaian underground artist who shoot the most expensive music video with Sarkodie

Kweke smoke is one of the best up coming rapper, all Ghanaian underground musicians are talking about, because of his energy and his super talented gift he got. No wonder the king himself , the icon of Africa rappers, sarkodie, loved to drop his verses on this new single called ‘y3din’ in our local dialect , which means, in English language keep quiet.

Kweku Smoke is a talented rapper signed unto Nana Boro’s Boling nation label, after a few days released his music video with king sark. All his colleague musicians are shocked and they keep asking the budget involved for shooting such a music video which is very rich as ever as an underground artiste could produce. Kweku smoke from his jokes and of the title of his music told them, they should keep quiet, a direct response to his music title. God being so good, xbills the chief blogger/Promoter and award winner in western Region showbiz industry, with one on one interview with him, made him break the silence out, on the budget they used in shooting the music video, and he said it was over 300, 000 Ghana CEDI’s. No doubt about that, because the video was so rich in the sense that, no one should tell you it really cost that much. Video credit goes to bars direction.

Kindly watch the video below and judge it yourself.

Source: Xbills walkergh (urban rock.net)


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