ThreeThree Biography

Birth Name: Precious Aruoture Omoko
Stage Name: ThreeThree
Date Of Birth: 5th December
Born: Nigeria , Lagos
Genres: • Afrobeats • Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Singer • songwriter •
Years active: 2017–present

ThreeThree Biography

Precious Aruoture Omoko with the stage name ThreeThree is a Nigerian Hip-Hop/ Trap musician and afrobeat artiste. He was born on the 5th of December 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria.ThreeThree has spent his whole life in Accra, Sowutuom where groomed. He started as an artist in high school and still an Artist and meeting big Art .He was influenced by music through infancy as a young boy seeing other Artiste on Tv and practicing on the mirror then i knew in was born to be an Artiste because i was perfect in the mirror .
The story behind the name ThreeThree signifies Three important people in my life which are two brothers and one sisters.
I lost them to heart cancer and that happened some few years ago, so when the name ThreeThree is mentioned it reminds me of them and I get more motivated.

In 2017 i met with my friend an Artiste “Geezzy” A.K.A “Kronnik”. We started working as two Artiste together experimenting our sounds and creativity.

I released my first singles “Soo Different” and later released another single “Dance” it was doing quite great so i thought about releasing an Extended playlist (EP) titled “New Era” available on all digital platforms.

The EP features Artiste like Rudebwoy Tymer and  Desire History.

Unfortunately for most people finds ThreeThree career not going anywhere soon but fortunately my path has just begun, you can check my streams.

Social media handles will follow…
Facebook: threethree
Twitter: @differsapien
Instagram: differsapien


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