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Young And Fresh New Singer Here To Disrupt The Pop Scene

Young And Fresh New Singer Here To Disrupt The Pop Scene

A young man with a purpose, 22-year-old Dave Jayie releases his debut project as a singer, songwriter and record producer, and is set to make waves in the industry.

Titled ‘SOS’, Jayie’s candid yet catchy single will have heads bopping and feet tapping in no time. And with his compelling lyrics and theme, it is clear that this rising star knows exactly who he is and what he wants to say through his music.

“The song is intentionally written and composed to interrupt the current pop conversation in the industry,” says Jayie. “The aim is to grow the industry by expanding & diversifying mainstream music.”

The songwriter’s signature style offers a unique experience for listeners as he combines heavy synths and an 80s aesthetic with RnB and hip-hop-inspired lyrics. This is why, even though he classes his music under the broad umbrella of pop, you will hear alternative pop and soul, too, with darker, nightmarish undertones at times as well. Beneath this, the enduring beat will ensure the song remains playing in your head long after it ends.

Listen to SOS now – https://open.spotify.com/track/19H4zwqQNG7ebXYOyfuhEi?si=N6OACRXYRj2fCrS1OGJsyw 


In paying tribute to one of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits about division in modern society, ‘SOS’ serves as commentary on the outbreak of illnesses and the toxic effects of violence throughout the world. With devastating news everywhere you look, this song was written to bring awareness and rally people together in peaceful unity. 

Dave Jayie’s has arrived in the South African music industry shining bright and bold as he uses his voice to make a statement. What’s next for this trailblazer will certainly be thrilling to follow.

More about artist:

Dave Jayie began composing and producing music while studying towards his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media in Cape Town, making the most of every open mic platform that he could find along the way. After completing his degree, Jayie relocated to Johannesburg, where he has been building up towards his debut single and much, much more. 

Follow Dave Jayie on social media to find out more about his latest music.






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