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Tina Brown Africa discloses her Los Angeles project on UrbanChat

UrbanChat: Hi am Holy and very happy to have you on UrbanChat today..

Tina Brown Africa: Thank you sir, I’m very glad to be on your chat today.

UrbanChat: How are you doing if I may ask?

Tina Brown Africa: I’m fine by the Grace of God and what about you?

UrbanChat: Very happy and excited to have you on a chat today.

Tina Brown Africa: Thanks.

UrbanChat: so tell me, what’s your real name?

Tina Brown Africa: Tina Brown.

UrbanChat: Wow! I thought Tina Brown is your music name not knowing is your real name, so what about Africa?

Tina Brown Africa: I added Africa to my name.. because I’ve always wanted to represent Africa. And moreover wanted to stand out as a pure African.

UrbanChat: that’s beautiful, now let come to business, I heard that you were selected from Africa as Ghana to work on some project, is it true?

Tina Brown Africa; yes is true, I have the opportunity to work on a project called “Under The Covers” with a production/media company called Orlove based in Los Angeles..

UrbanChat: Wow that’s beautiful but how do you got to know this production?

Tina Brown Africa: They actually discovered me via one of my songs on YouTube titled Bad Belle a cover of Koffee’s Rapture song.

UrbanChat: wow am loving the chat, but how do you works with them as they are not here in Ghana?

Tina Brown Africa: I Was sent a couple of songs via e-mail for me to pick one and do a cover of which I selected Dvsn ft Popcaan “So What”.

UrbanChat: why do you choose So what to work on it?

Tina Brown Africa: I actually chose that because it has some r&b and Dancehall feel which are two genres that I really enjoy doing. And I fixed in some afrobeats vibe and then added my lyrics to the song in conjunction with the original song to make it more dynamic. Hence I chose to call it an “Afromix” ..

UrbanChat: Great and how do you feel as you are the first person to choose from Africa as Ghana?

Tina Brown Africa: And I’m excited to be the first African to be featured on such a great platform. Proud to be an African and I’m proud to be representing Africa.

UrbanChat: Oh you welcome. It’s been fun having you around today.

Tina Brown Africa: Thanks and same to you. I really enjoyed my time with you. Shoutouts to Greene Leaf Media and Outspoken Music Group for their efforts, love, support and commitment in helping to push my Music carear to greater heights. More also will like to thank my fans Tina Gang for believing in me. I have lots of surprise packages for them..

UrbanChat: Hope to see more of you. I really enjoyed your company too.

Tina Brown Africa: Thanks

By Holy Monyo (UrbanChat)


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